Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 New Year Resolution

DSC01189 copy
ISO 100, f/18 at 10 sec (55-200mm lens)

Time do really flies, like those streaks on lights in the photo above, it's year 2009!
This year have been a blast for me, trying to balance work, school and hobby at the same time.
But still it's been a fruitful year for me, knowing more people and gaining some new skills too.

Even tho this is a relatively new blog which is barely 2 months old, I am quite surprised that there are a couple of peeps already reading this website. I will try to update more frequently with more interesting topics. ^^;

Now onto my new year resolution for year 2009.
* To finish my part time diploma in Digital Media
* To get sick less frequently(god.. my MC rate is 22 days this year)
* To visit Japan
* To improve on my photography skill
* To get laid?(hopefully)

Well, that's about all of the things that I want/hope to do for this new year. How about yours?
And before I end this post, one more of those night scene photo which I've just taken.
Guess Singaporean should know where I actually stay already. :D

DSC01175 copy
ISO 100, f/8 at 15 sec (55-200mm lens)


Panther said...

Happy New Year man, at least you have goals.

Blurmage said...

Why not? Set a goal for yourself be it big or small, you'll be surprise if you managed to achieve it or even do better. :D

Manifestation said...

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wyred said...

5th one very easy, just visit Geylang... :d