Sunday, December 28, 2008

Spot the difference!

DSC01118 copy
One cookie to those who can spot it.

Apparently one of the Miku shown above is a bootleg which I bought from one of the store from EOY. My fault actually to never really checked before buying. There were like 2-3 on sales at the store which I purchased from and they were all sold out on the very day itself. So other than myself, there should be others who got cheated too. The shop name is "pan-in-the-box" if I'm not wrong.

DSC01038 copy
The bootleg version
Made of glossy material, blushes on the cheek, eye staring to the front.
Others not shown in photo include loose joints and lousy paint work.

DSC01105 copy
The original version
Made of non glossy material, no blushes on the cheek, eye staring to the top.

Seriously it's damn hard to differentiate between the 2 when they are in packaging. I guess the best way to be safe is to just buy from the reputated store even tho the price will be a bit higher rather taking the risk and getting a bootleg one without one knowing.

If anyone from "pan-in-the-box" is reading this, please reconsider the way you do business. If there's receipt for this bootleg I've bought, I'll make sure I report this to CASE. Too bad there isn't any. Good for you!

Thanks to Cleartranquil for pointing this out to me.


Anonymous said...

haha dumbass

Blurmage said...

Thanks for the epic comment, that's just show how clever the younger Singaporean generations are. No wonder we are having more and more foreign talent. ^^

yumeno said...

Sheesh. I can't be bothered to reply on the sgcafe thread, but I'll say this to whoever's gonna say some random shit here, since it may be more effective in conveying certain messages.

Firstly you guys on the thread should really learn how to read. Maybe go back to primary school to revise on sentence structure of English and what not. Here is why.

Clearly in Blurmage's post, he stated that "My fault actually to never really checked before buying." And then there's this few people who said "Seriously, whats with putting the blame on the shop when you yourself are dissapointed in the quality of something that you want huh? Complain to CASE? Come on dude, you are just getting yourself a rejected "complain" if you do it." as well as "
So in other words, TS is an idiot to not observant on the price differences but still complains that he was disappointed in the quality in it, and now he plans to report this matter to CASE?"

Now, Blurmage also did mention that it was hard for him to see through the plastic for bootlegs. So why the hate towards him?

All the (immature) replies goes to show 3 things - there are people who read, interpret, and comprehend for nuts. So my advice to the netizens of the like, learn to read and think before you act. Sounds like I'm lecturing little kids? Well, I think I actually am, really. Not very surprising stuff to find on sgcafe, I must add on.

"haha dumbass" to you too! Cheers!

gordon said...

does the original one beside the bootleg one belongs to u as well?

it's ok bro, i got cheated before as well. don't feel bad about it. lesson learnt -> if something is too good to be true, it usually is.

Blurmage said...

Yeap, now I got 2 Miku!

a. syalabi said...

I'm a model collector as well as figurine collector as well. I know for us collectors, we're really patricular about original goods.

I've been lucky with my 2 figurines so far..

Scott said...

Its not your fault, you know. At such a large event something like that can be really unexpected.