Monday, December 29, 2008

We support bootleg!!

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Noooo!! It's not my fault!!

After posting here on SGCafe concerning getting a bootleg figurine at EOY just as a caution for those patronizing the shop but all I've gotten so far are insults like how stupid I am not knowing it's a bootleg.
Quote from some of the forum user:

*So in other words, TS is an idiot to not observant on the price differences but still complains that he was disappointed in the quality in it, and now he plans to report this matter to CASE? Oh. My. God. New level of stupidity acheived.*

*TS >> u ownself never check properly wanna report to CASE.... +1000 for stupidity level higher than CITA.*

Maybe my tone in my last post is too harsh but wow, this is epic. I already said I am unable to bring this up to CASE since they don't issue receipt at the time of the purchase. Either my English sucks or some other reasons which they can't read what I wrote.
To me their replies is like saying it's ok to sell bootleg as long as you don't buy them.
Another quote:

*They do sadly , I mean , I dun blame PITB , their service is flawless , and not only tat , most SG peeps are cheapskates who just want all the good stuff , even if they are fakes XD Majority of PSP users (Inclusive of myself) Don't even have a UMD XD*

Wow, he is so proud that he is pirating PSP game that he needs to post on a public forum telling the whole world about it. Maybe he should tell the whole world how he's able to download animes and not getting Odex'ed.

*We are genetic copies of our parents, which in turn is a bootleg. Report to CASE nao!*

Post like this just makes my eyes bleed when I read them.

Impz made a good post on the reason why I was really upset about the bootleg Miku. To me it doesn't matter if your selling a cheap or an expensive bootleg, to me it's just dishonesty. Just think of those who doesn't have good knowledge of the product and buying them on impulse. Seriously I wonder how many of the people understands it. Well, I truely learned a lot from this $30 loss especially on the younger generation's thinking.

On a side note, to people of pan-in-the-box, I apologise if any of my comment in my last post was too harsh or rude. Please remove any of those bootlegs your having now, it doesn't looks good on you.

With this I end my rant. Thanks for reading.


ClearTranquil said...

I do think it's a shame people are content to either not care or make an effort to criticize you. I hope I didn't cause any problems pointing this out to you.

Really this Miku isn't something to be too ashamed of, at my local convention the Death Note and that fake Konata Nendoroids sell like hot-cakes for super cheap and most of the fellow white kids don't have a clue (which is sad because in my experience all other fake Nendoroids have been utter crap...that Miku looks half-decent).

It's really a problem that dishonest vendors would stock cheap fake products but now we all know to always always check for the quality of products from Good Smile / Max Factory because there's ALOT of fakes out there.

gordon said...

let this be a lesson learnt. no, i'm not referring to buying bootleg. i'm referring to posting such encounter online, especially on forums. forum people will flame at every little whining they see. usually they won't sympathise u. :(

Blurmage said...

Well, Impz did help to keep their mouth shut. LoL..