Thursday, December 25, 2008

Massive spending this month. . .

Loot Dec08
Total spending for this month loot: $268.78

Photo above shows GSC Hatsune Miku Nendroid, Alter 1/7 Hayate Yagami, Re:(Artbook by Square Enix for games like FFXIII), Megumi Magazine Jan09 Edition, GS Magazine Jan09 Edition and Ga-Rei Manga 1-6. Actually never expect to spend so much this month after spending like 2k on the DSRL camera just weeks ago. Nevertheless, I usually never care much about spending especially on things that I really want which actually causes me to overspend. ^^;

Guess I really need to control my spending before the next payday. . . So what have you peeps gotta for this month? Wanna share? :D


gordon said...

also spent a lot this month. got a few expensive figures and a MG gundam kit. got to do more OT to earn back the money. lol. ^^;

Blurmage said...

Gambatte, normally dec is the month where most ppl spend most. ^^;
I guess your not the only one.

ClearTranquil said...
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ClearTranquil said...

Sorry, I just left a comment on your other post regarding your Miku possibly being a fake.

I can tell you by looking at the picture above the way her eyes are looking to the right, she is indeed a fake. The real Miku comes with the face with her eyes facing forward and not looking to the side.

I know it comes with both faces, but the one with her eyes facing forward should be already on the figure when its in the box.

Not saying the fake looks bad at all because honestly it looks better than any other fake Nendoroid I've seen. The shiny plastic is the only noticable difference to me.