Friday, January 02, 2009

My Favorite anime for year 2008 - Part One

It's a bit late but I'm gonna do a small reviews of all my favorite animes which I've watched. It may be a bit biased on certain title due to to my personal liking.
Lastly, the title listed here are not in any particular order of preferences.

Macross Frontier 2nd OP - Lion (May'n, Nakajima Megumi)

One of the major hit in year 2008. Definitely earning the best anime soundtrack of the year award in my opinion. Music composed by Yoko Kanno, various song sang by May'n, Nakajima Megumi definitely brought life to a simple triangular love story. To top it off, the awesome CG of various mecha like the VF25 just makes the anime better. Go watch it if you had not done so!

Ga-Rei Zero OP - Paradise Lost (Chihara Minori)

One of the underdog title which I never expect that I would watch. The 1st episode really caught my attention when all the so call 'main' cast were killed. The story is staged at the timeline before the actual manga, Ga-Rei which might explain why there's a Zero at the end of the title. Surprisingly not many people have this title in their favorite listing for 2008, maybe I really like teenage girls welding samurai sword and summoning demons. :3

Toradora OP - Pre-Parade (Kugimiya Rie, Horie Yui, Kitamura Eri)

Ok, gonna be real frank and be biased on this one. I rarely missed any title voiced by Rie Kugimiya especially when she voiced a tsudere, loli type character. But seriously, this is those type of anime where you really need after a long tiring day of work/school. Really one of my favorite type of comedy I would like to watch anytime, anyday. :3

Itazura na Kiss 2nd ED - Jikan yo Tomare (AZU feat. Seamo)

Main female character is voiced by Nana Mizuki. It's a simple comedy romance story. Girl loves boy, boy hates girl and they lives happily ever after. I can't really explain why I like this title but somehow I'm grown attracted to it. I actually marathon-ed the whole series in one day during my exam study week. And the ED song as shown above had been in my mp3 playlist from the 1st day I listened to it and I never get bored of it.

With this, we've come to the end for the 2008 short anime review part one.
Will be doing the 2nd part sometime this week, thanks for reading. ^^

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