Saturday, February 07, 2009

Cosplay Challenge

Continuation of where I stopped from the previous SOYA post.
I left SOYA around 2pm to cover the other cosplay event happening at Singapore Discovery Center. One main reason I wanted to go C.C. is because of this guy.

DSC01622 copy
Mecha cosplayer Goldy from Japan as Strike Freedom Gundam

Apparently, it ain't as crowded as SOYA since you need to pay $10 for the C.C. event.
Nevertheless, there's still a few cosplay photos which I would like to share with everybody.

DSC01534 copy
Maka from Soul Eater

DSC01559 copy
Kingdom Hearts?

DSC01572 copy
Wang Liu Mei from Gundam 00

DSC01551 copy DSC01547 copy DSC01549 copy
Trio(Lord Knight, Champion, Priest) from Ragnarok Online

DSC01624 copy
Tsukasa from Lucky Star

DSC01577 copy
Ashe from Final Fantasy XII

DSC01586 copy
Sora from Kingdom Hearts

DSC01605 copy
Characters from King of Fighters

DSC01631 copy
Chii and Freya from Chobit

With this, I end both my cosplay event coverage. It's been a fruitful trip as I get to know more people in the various community. Once again, I'll like to thanks all the cosplayers who posed for me and the photographers who actually shared some photography tips with me. Many thanks!

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